Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I don't really know what to write. Other than this trip wasn't planned as efficiently as possible. I could have probably caught an earlier flight home instead I have been working from the Denver Hampton Inn for the past 5 hours because my review finished up a bit early. Sucky. Anyways, Denver is really pretty it is really flat and green I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed the country.

Things couldn't be better for my family right now. Gini and I just got back from an epic weekend, complete with slumber party at our apartment. I'll let her tell the story because it was her idea and she was so excited about it. Needless to say we watched quite a bit of tv this past weekend and really enjoyed watching movies from our childhood.

There really hasn't been much on my mind other than the fact I need to get in shape and elk/deer tags go on sale tomorrow at 7 AM. just in case anyone was wondering.

The summer is flying by. Today is actually 3 months since I started working for Savage, feels like only one month. It feels really good though. I love being in control of my career and having time to really dissect problems and situations.

Props to my wife for taking me to the airport this morning at 5:15 since my car is in the shop. She is definitely a keeper, definitely. I just love her to death and kinda miss her, after such a fun weekend in Newton and in Salt Lake it felt like last summer leaving her. Like we were two college kids head over heels in love. Who would have thought vacays were so good for a marriage? I guess I better start using my vacation days for more than just hunting...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I promised myself I would write every night on the road to keep people up to date. Yesterday, my boss asked me if I would go to Houston to help with a new operation we had just acquired. It would be a short trip so I called Gini to see what she would think. This is how the conversation went:

M: Gini, how are you?
G: Good
M: Work asked me to go to Houston

M: I leave tomorrow but come back Friday
G: Ok

So then I get home and we talk about the trip and the reason behind it and she goes ohh phew I thought you were saying we were moving to Houston. Ooops, I will be more clear about why I am leaving town next time.

Houston is a very special place for Gini and I, more for me than her because it was here that she first texted me and we started getting to know each other last summer. I will tell you all the story because it is kind of cute. However if you are my brother please stop reading there is nothing for you after this point, just know that Gini and I met here.

I took a job with Savage last Feb, Gini and I met in March and I told her about my sweet job but we were just really casual friends. I started my job and was really excited to be traveling and seeing the world, on my first solo trip I came to Houston. I remember Monday getting here and going to work and just loving it and then coming back to the room and being so lonely and bored. I cried myself to sleep Monday night because I wasn't sure I made the right choice to take this job. Earlier that day I had facebooked Gini and told her to text me so we could hang out that weekend. I had totally forgotten about it. Anyways, Tuesday was the same; work was great but that night I was so lonely in the hotel room with nothing to do. It wasn't fun at all. Late Tuesday night as I was really sad and second guessing my decision I decided to pray and ask for help with the loneliness. As I laid in bed Tuesday night shortly after that prayer, Gini texted me. I totally forgot about facebooking her and it was like a lifesaver. It wasn't anything serious and neither of us thought anything of it just that we now had a friend to talk to at nights.

Little did I know that the next year would change my life so much.

This is us at the Draper Rodeo before

and after I got hurt.

Gini took such good care of me and got me ice for my hand and was there for me when I needed it, just like a year ago in Houston, she has always been there for me when I need it.

I am the luckiest man alive. On the plane ride down I just thought about her and I and everything that has happened since that night over a year ago.

I realized just how loyal and honorable my wife is. She is also hardworking. Who else would start their master's degree when they had just finished their undergrad and finally have a summer to themselves? My wife is also so fashionable, I have never met a better dresser. I love her outfits and she always looks so good. My wife isn't just these things she is also the most beautiful woman I know. I say beautiful not just in looks (she is extremely good looking) but beautiful as in something so much deeper. Like if I were blind and never had the opportunity to look at her I would know she is beautiful just by hearing her voice. She is the beauty that will never change and will always be beautiful because her beauty is on the inside.

Anyways, sorry for those of you not wanting something as sappy as this is, but I just have been thinking about it as I sit here in the hotel where it all started.

Houston is still hot, humid but has really good food.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wild, and I mean REALLY wild cow milking

This year we chalked up another W. Three-peat. This one wasn't as glamorous as the last two. We didnt have a professional videographer. It was still fun. So I will give you all a recap. My team consisted of Gold, Johnson, and myself.

Gold is first on the rope and leads the cow out of the chutes. She clears and I run for her head and incapacitate her by covering her eyes and just making being upright hard on her. As i got to her she started bucking, tossed her horns and stepped into me and I lost my balance I knew I wasnt going down and i wasnt about to let her get the best of me so on my way down i grabbed the rope. I am now face down in arena dirt getting drug around by her. she is standing right over me and i just can hear her bellowing in my ear and am waiting for some lane frost stuff to happen or her to roll over me. All the sudden the rope starts pulling through my hand and I can't figure out why. it is because she is taking the rope and half my palm with her. By now I think that is it we lost, people who lose their cows dont win. but i get up and see my teammates chasing her. So we chase her down. Get her milked and win. so awesome. On the way back to the exit gate someone lets a mad brahma bull out on accident and it decides to use me as target practice. He got me good in the side.

k maybe it wasn't a bull, might have been one really angry cow. I would be too if strangers were grabbing and trying to milk me all night. anyways, no serious injuries, some rope burn, a couple bruises from where she stepped on me and a cut on my belly.

It was well worth the W though. I get to tell everyone in the office that I am a rodeo star.

What happened to my hand? I hurt it in a rodeo this weekend, nbd.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Own the night, like the 4th of July

This quote really touched my heart when Chad Lewis used it to close out Stadium of Fire on Saturday night, after B Paisley rocked the house. Nothing I love more than country music, summer nights, fireworks, and this country. I love the month of July. For a couple reasons.

1. The fourth of July is always a fun holiday. Nothing can top celebrating the USA. Nothing. I love this country and I love going to celebrations that focus on it and everything that has gone on with this country. One of my favorite memories was the second summer I was back from my mission we did the framing for Greg's shed on the 4th. It was a lot of hot work but awesome to see things come together. I look forward to 4th of July projects every year now. What better way to celebrate and honor the hard work that people before me have done than to do some of my own.

2. Rodeos. I tried to find the perfect Chris Ledoux lyric to show my joy but I couldn't. It is a toss up between 4th of July Rodeos and Mighty Lucky Man. I just love them. The Draper Days rodeo has become a tradition for me and two good friends from college where we get together every year and attend. It is this Friday and I am so excited. Not as excited as Gini is because this year we have health insurance...bring on the wild cows!

3. The 24th of July. Basically in Utah July is a month long firework fest. This year they decided to put it on steroids by making most fireworks legal here. No more trips to Wyoming for most folks. If this had happened 10 years ago I would be in heaven. I would be blowing stuff up all summer long. Well they aren't as fun as they use to be when they are being set off all dang night. Gini and I went to a movie last night because we were sick of fireworks and knew if we went to bed before midnight we wouldn't be able to fall asleep because it would sound like we were living in downtown Baghdad. (not only was it the best time to go to a movie but it was a really good movie, go see Larry Crowne when you can, I have never not wanted a movie to end so bad in my whole life.) But more importantly this celebrates the pioneers in my life. It is awesome time to think of all my ancestors who crossed the plains and spread out all up and down this state. Craziness.

4. The number one thing about July is that my countdown to bow hunting begins. This year is going to be awesome. Greg is healthy, I got a new rest, and I can focus on what I am doing without worrying about what I missing in school. Oh baby I am sooooooooo excited.

So here is to the month of July, she started off good, lets just ride this wave to an awesome August.