Thursday, April 15, 2010


So Monday was my last day of "The Junior Core." It is the first year of the accounting program at BYU and is known to be pretty rigorous. I heard a couple kids even got divorced it was so demanding. I myself have never had more dates, since telling girls I am an accounting major...k maybe I have. Anyways, this week we had an oral exam that tested our knowledge of both semesters. So I rounded up all my books and started to study for it.
If you can't read the exciting titles I will share them with you, we got Taxation for Individuals and Business Entities; Cost Accounting; Intermediate Accounting; Auditing, Attest, and Assurance Services; Accounting Information Systems; and my favorite Crucial Conversations. The last one is my favorite because I could write an encyclopedia version of the book from my childhood with titles like Crucial Conversations surrounding "Gotchya's"; Crucial Conversations involving board and video games; Crucial Conversations held with police officers; and Crucial Conversations - Ratting your brother out for selling you stolen goods. I think these titles would be a good addition to anyone's collection.

So I took my Oral exam, it consisted of questions regarding subjects I for some reason understood. I even got asked if I happened to know my little brother's newest girlfriend's dad (not in that exact sequence). One question that hit me hard was, where do you see yourself in ten years? Which is a hard one for college students, especially me. I wanted to say, "Are you serious? I don't know where I see myself in two weeks. Let alone ten years." So I gave a pretty generic answer about being super rich, in a company with a smoking hot wife, and two boys that are a mix between Garrett and Walker & Texas Ranger.

Anyways, I got three more tests, 5 more days of studying, and 10 days of fishing at Scofield before I start my first "real" job. Wish me luck.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

So this is Christmas

I feel like I am about to bless so many people all at once.

I started this blog because I am getting ready to spend the summer traveling. For those of you who haven't heard I am taking a job with Savage Services. They are a materials transportation, or trucking company as we like to say in the industry, I will be doing some exciting audit work for them. I will be visiting many of their offices throughout the US and Canada. I am really excited for this to start because it will give me a good opportunity to get out of the classroom and Provo, and get some real world experience.

So until I start with Savage I will keep the updates very limited. This weekend I spent hanging out with Garrett, Annabelle, and Abigail. One is super pretty, one is super funny, and one is super friendly. You can try and figure out which one is which. General Conference was such a blessing. To prepare I read some scriptures about conferences in ancient times. One thing I learned from King Benjamin's conference was the importance of doing it as a family. Here are some pictures of my family together.

Here are some quick snapshots of the family. Greg is cleaning guns, Garrett is looking for a way out, Becky isn't paying attention, Brian, Cathy and Annabelle are all so righteous. My cute parents are enjoying some quality PDA, this is as close as these two love birds get.

Love these guys.

Let the blogging begin.....