Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So this past Sunday we had a going away party for my awesome little sister. She is moving to Virginia to take a high-profile job with a large corporation. Translation? She's a big deal and I love her.

As I was there visiting with my cousin, she asked why I don't blog anymore. I was like really? You read my blog? Combine this with my mother pleading to know what is going on in my life and I am back.

I moved to Orem, best decision of my BYU career. There was one time this summer when I went to visit my old house in downtown Provo, and while I was driving through Provo I was like I am never living here again. I got a house with four other guys, a little bit of a change from the Frat House I lived in last year of 16 guys but I am not complaining. We got a fixer-upper and did a number on it. I have my own room, complete with desk from my mom and new mattress for my birthday. I couldn't be happier.

School is in full swing, or at least that is what they tell me. I honestly feel like I went down a grade, like I am a TA in a class after last year. It is harder than I ever imagined because since I am not being challenged I spend most of my class periods day dreaming, hence me blogging instead of learning about six sigma. I spend most of my nights though studying about this stuff and teaching it to myself at my own pace because the classes go too slow.

I got a job on campus that I love, I am a receptionist. If you ever attended BYU you are laughing right now, it is like being a male nurse. Not a lot of men in my profession. I love it though because I enjoy listening to these girls dish about EVERYTHING.

Life is good. I am loving my classes, even if they bore me but I am dying to go back to work. I just want a real job and to be gaining experience. I will wait my turn and just keep applying and working things out. Last week I had an interview with Lockheed Martin, it was a good confidence boost but also helped me realize I need to work on my stories a little bit more. We'll see what happens. I still am looking forward to interviewing with Savage again. I loved the company and would love to go back to them.

I am going to post a bunch of pictures within a week. Just to update everyone. Just stay with me.