Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So I got a phone call today and an email last week. They both can be summed up by saying I am still jobless.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Best Night of my Life

So Gini and I are engaged. Sorry I didn't let you know if you are finding out this way. She posted her story on her blog here. So my story is going to go a long way back so bear with me. October General Conference Gini was in Idaho watching Lori play volleyball. I was in Newton with my brother and his family, Gini was going to come down Saturday afternoon and we were going to watch conference together Saturday afternoon and Sunday. We had kinda talked about marriage but we weren't sure. I don't know exactly what happened but Sunday after conference was over we were on Greg's deck sitting and talking and I said, "would you like to get married?" She looked at me and said ,"Yes" in a sweet soft voice. So she came over and sat on my knee, at which moment Greg's patio furniture could take no more and cracked and ruined our picturesque moment.

Fast forward two months, the ring is being made, but we said we wouldn't make ANY plans until I proposed and we told people. So I had talked to her dad last Sunday and we were just waiting on the ring basically. I hadn't heard back from the jeweler and I was getting kind of worried. He had told me he would have it done by 10th so I could propose around Christmas time. That was the plan. Well Friday morning I just thought you know the ring isn't going to be done anytime soon and I am tired of waiting. So I saddled up and found a ring that looked exactly like hers at Nordstrom in SLC. So I had my mom go get it.

I get out of class, wreck her car, and then head to my parents. I get there and get the ring and we mess around with my Mom's tree for a bit when I am like gini let's just go look at Christmas lights. So we head out. There were two houses that I really wanted to go visit. One was Greg's old bus driver's house, he always had such a HUGE production. I remember going and just being wowed and I wanted to go there and propose there. Well we go by house 1 and just drive by. Then we go to the bus driver's house. he must have passed away because there wasn't a single light on the house. I was like ohhh crud I can't go to temple square that would be way too cheesy. I mean who gets engaged there? Zoobies. So I go back to house 1 and say lets get out and go for a walk.

So we are walking around this house and I have been setting my proposal up from the beginning. I always ask her, "would now be a good time to propose?" Which I follow up with some "fake proposal" some were funnier than the other. So I destroyed any faith she had in me so she wouldn't see it coming. So we are looking at lights and I run my spill of timeliness of proposal and then hit one knee. Which unleashes a fury of blows that resembles something like I got growing up from one of three older brothers. She keeps saying Eric knock it off, get up and smacking me. So I do the only thing I can do, rush the delivery and pull out the ring. At which moment she goes Eric I love you so much you are such a blessing in my life. We kissed and that was history.

The miracle she is referring to is the fact I didn't cry at any point on Friday night.