Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So it has been a crazy ride these past two weeks. I have loved every minute of it, after delayed snowy honeymoon to Park City at an epic hotel I returned to my last week of school. Currently I have taken four of five finals. I am so excited to take the last one. I am also excited for fishing and I almost drove down today. I really need to go fishing. Anyways, life is good for my wonderful and beautiful wife Gini and I. We are still looking for a good place to live.

Mallory taught me how to have a memorable Easter. You study Christ's last week leading up to Easter. An apostle said, "The atonement didn't start in Gethsemane nor ended on Calvary." It didn't start at the triumphal entry either but it is a great place to start. So yesterday I gave an
fhe lesson on cursing the barren fig tree and today I read about Christ's parables about being a hypocrite. In Christ's greatest lessons they can be boiled down to one simple phrase I feel like.

Trust me.

He is the Son of the living God, the creator of this world and the Universe. He is all powerful. Don't just worship him at church, or just read your scriptures. But trust Him. When I learned this concept and I realized in my life I wasn't trusting Him as much as He was begging and pleading me to, and I started striving to do everything I could to trust Him more; my whole life changed. I still have a long way to go. Incredibly long. Like incredibly long. (Just ask my wife, I
have always wanted to say that ;)) But I know that if I trust Him that path will get shorter each day.

Life is good, last final tomorrow, great weekend ahead of us. I graduate on Friday. Babysit Garrett a little bit, and by babysit I mean totally load him up on sugar. Life is good.

What says Easter better than baby chicks?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Epic Week

I cannot begin to tell you how epic this weekend was and how awesome this week is gearing up to be. Friday night Mike got into town, and Saturday night Mallory did. I wish I could say I was surprised when I got home Saturday night and Mal and Mike were up watching Modern Family, while they both texted, played games on something, and carried on a conversation with each other. They obviously got all the multi-tasking skills from our family as Cathy and Gini will tell you Brian and I have none.

I am so excited Mallory and Mike could be here this week. I am totally destroyed that I have to take a test today so I had to leave early last night and be down here late. I hate that I have class tomorrow but nevertheless Mike and I are working on an epic night for the G-man. His life in Cache Valley will never be the same.

Yesterday, my mom had all the children and her parents over for dinner. It was so much fun. I brought Gini along. It was funny because the last time she met Mike was the first time Gini and I hung out. She met him for like 5 minutes that night and just introduced herself. It was good though because I was able to say hey Mike remember that one girl you met that was my friend, yea we are getting married. Really smooth conversation. Anyways, she was nervous because I guess everyone in our family talks about him and loves him and looks up to him or something. I personally don't know what is so great about him ;). She was afraid she was going to bless our family with another epic line revolving around pink thongs and putting them in people's faces. It went off without a hitch, although the whole swamp cooler/AC story did come out. Ask her about that one.

Life is good, general conference was amazing. Gini and I went to the Saturday morning session and we really wanted to hear from two speakers. 1) Elder Perry and 2) Sister Stevens, she is in Gini's home ward and we have spent quite a few minutes talking to her. She is such an amazing lady. Well we were blessed that they were the first two speakers Saturday morning. We couldn't believe it.

This post hasn't had a theme. I just felt like writing because life is so good right now. I ran out of space in my journal and haven't written in it lately and so things were bottling up. Life is way good just 6 more class periods before I check out for a week. I am so excited.