Thursday, May 24, 2012

Owen's Blessing

So we had a really great weekend that included Owen getting blessed. It went great and we had plenty of family and friends there that made it completely wonderful. I will add a few pictures.

So I had this post ready but I waited to post it because Gini wanted to post all the pictures first and so these are just some of my favorites. Owen is so much bigger than he was in these pictures it is crazy. He is such a good little sleeper though, and loves spending time with his Momma watching netflix. The kid will seriously roll and squirm and scream until he can see the tv.


So it is official, Gini and I signed all the paperwork necessary to purchase a home at 1130 East 5730 South. Right by Cottonwood High, or a better landmark would be the bog. Don't worry we'll detail everything with pictures soon. I just wanted to announce our new purchase :)