Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final Decision

I have been on the phone with everyone today. We made our decision last night, slept on it, and I went to the temple this morning just to double check. We are confident we made the right decision by going with , drum roll, (scroll down)

Savage, we are staying here!

Friday, March 4, 2011

followup to patience

So just as I am telling myself to be more patient, my phone rings. Deloitte and Touche just offered me a job....details will be arriving shortly.


So I have been having a great time my last semester at BYU, being engaged and on the job hunt. Really great time. It just seems that everything in my life right now revolves around being patient. I obviously need to take a chill pill. This is easier said than done for a Phillips.

So the semester started off awesome, had some good job interviews lined up that all went REALLY well, lots of good connections, small world stuff, just really exciting. Let me run through them with you, they all are for the same job so it is even more fun.

1. Savage Services - the company I worked for last summer, I went in hoping for another summer job and they talked about a full-time offer. I was shocked at first and got really excited. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at this company are great people I never meant someone I didn't like. It was a really good place for me to work. So I had a slew of interviews with them and two and half weeks ago I had my last one. At the end of the interview some words were said that could have been construed as a job offer but I didn't want to put the horse before the cart. So I follow up when I haven't heard form them in two weeks. Come to find out they are still waiting to get approval on the job....okay.

2. KPMG - Southern California, sunny, warm, and best of all Disneyland right there ('Nuff said). Great company, and a really good career path. After my first round interview with them, they called me and had a phone interview about 4 or 5 weeks ago. The lady said two weeks, gave her her two weeks and emailed her and she said they were still figuring out hiring. okay. So then a week later I email a friend who works there and explain my situation. He says call me, lets chat. I do and come to find out they really are trying to figure out their hiring. They just won a bunch of contracts and are looking at how they'll staff them and whatnot. So he said be patient I won't let you down.

3. Deloitte - Washington DC, government consulting. Sweet gig. Deloitte attracts the best and brightest minds in the accounting world. They are known also to work those minds to death. On campus interview, invitation for 2nd round in Arlington. So I head out there two weeks ago. I am the only BYU kid in a sea of random NC colleges. It was fun though. GREAT interviews. Everyone was so nice. They said one week, now they say two. So I talk to a friend of Gini's who works in Salt Lake and he informs me that BYU is actually one of the early interview spots. So my second round was before a lot of first rounds. Anyways, just gotta keep waiting.

4. PwC - They have been one of my favorite companies for a long time; basically since I heard about them. First round on campus, goes great, talk to my friends in the Salt Lake office, they recommend me, talk to Gini's dad and he has a friend recommend me. Anyways, the lady calls at the first of Feb. and says she will email me over some dates. Nothing doing. On my flight home from the Deloitte interview, I am sitting in first class next to this young girl on her way to vegas for President's day and I see she has a financial accounting textbook. So I strike up a conversation,

"are you a student?"
"No, I am a professor"
"oops sorry"
"No I just got my PhD, in accounting I teach at West Virginia"
"Ohh that is cool I goto BYU" (everytime I say this to people in industry I just imagine their eyes lighting up and going ohh you go to byu? all awed and jealous; it never happens)
Small talk
"Did you work in industry?"
"Yea I started the PwC federal advisory practice"

LIGHTBULB - another connection; we chatted about it for a bit and then she fell asleep and I couldn't because I couldn't say no to the stewardess everytime she came down the aisle offering goodies, so after about a dozen diet cokes I was sitting pretty about midnight

ANYWAYS, so last week I get this email that says we'll see you at the office on the 4th of March...okay that works for me. Then on Wednesday they email me and say we need you to come out on Tuesday. So I am like thats fine it is your money. So I change my plane ticket from Thursday to Monday and I am just getting all geared up for it.

I know I have rambled, but this is it. They can all be summed up by saying, I need to keep waiting. So hard. I am getting married in a month. I am graduating in a month and a half. This is hard for me. I am a planner, I love mapping out my life. I learned though that I need to learn patience. I need to take every chance I can to learn patience and trust. I am very confident I will find a good job. I just wish I knew about it already so I wouldn't sweat finals ;) maybe that is why I don't know. Life is still good even though technically I don't know what I am doing in 2 months.