Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweden in Spring

So some of the last pictures I posted were of Luleå in Winter. Well I arrived back a little over a week ago and winter is definitely gone. I flew from Minnesota to Amsterdam, when I got to Amsterdam it was dark and cold and rainy. No fun. Then I went to Stockholm, and it was the same story. Really miserable for all. So when I was checking my luggage through customs I made sure to pull out a fleece jacket knowing Luleå is even farther North and would be a little cold as well.

When I landed in Luleå I wasn't paying attention because I was so jet lagged, but as I walked off the flight I realized it was nice and there was no need for a jacket at all. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, and it was over 70, easily. So it was beautiful. Since I have been back it has been like this every day. It is also light around the clock. The sun circles us like a halo and it is just always light. It makes getting up easier because I think I slept in and need to get after it when I wake up and the sun is high in the sky.
 This picture was taken and it is the only day we have had clouds. I haven't been able to capture any pictures, but it seems that Swedes love old cars. There are a number of old cars with bullet tail lights, and other just gas guzzling boats that have come out. I will try and take some pictures.

 A co-worker and I went to a movie, we saw Iron Man 3. This was our theater. I think it had thirty seats, 4 rows, and we took this picture from the last row.If you ever came to visit me in the factory, I think our theater was just as nice. Plus it wasn't $17 for a movie.

 This is a photo from outside our chapel. If you saw pictures in the Winter, you would know that you couldn't see the power lines in the back because of the pile of snow that was there.

 This is a photo taken from the bridge into town. The same bridge I use to ice skate under.

 Here is the summer time view from our balcony. This is at about 11 PM.

 Today my boss and I went to get some pancakes for lunch. We sat outside and ate, this was our view. We were also informed that today Luleå had the high for Europe at 30 (86 F). It was quite warm.

These are my pancakes, with fresh raspberries, white chocolate, and vanilla sauce. It was sooo good.

So this has been my happenings. Gini and Owen didn't come back with me because I am going back to the states in a week and it didn't make sense to drag Owen around the world for all of this. After being together as a family for three weeks and then just going cold turkey like this has been a shock to everyone's system. However, thank goodness for FaceTime. Gini and I are able to FaceTime, the other night she handed the phone to Owen and he just took off. He does pretty good at not hanging up but it kind of makes me sick because he is getting to be so fast.

I wish I had more pictures to share but my life is pretty boring.