Sunday, March 2, 2014

Moving Day

So on the 28th we had movers come and pick up our shipment back to the US. Even though we don't know when we will come back exactly and where we will go, we wanted to get a jump on the 6 - 10 weeks it takes for our items to get to Utah.

Being in Sweden has definitely given us a different view on life. We had two movers show up at 8 AM. It was about an hour earlier than we were anticipating. It isn't uncommon for Swedes to start their days early, like having construction crews starting work at 6:30 AM. Well these two guys showed up and got after it. I had taken the whole day off of work, and was totally surprised when they started packing things up at 11 AM.

The upstairs getting boxed up

Our downstairs waiting to be loaded onto the truck

Our load on the truck

Since it is so expensive to ship things across the seas when we moved here we only shipped some bare essentials, mostly decorations to make this place feel like home. So now our apartment is bare. It is really sinking in that we are moving home.

It has been kinda interesting to reflect on the past 14 months. Today, Gini was released from her calling in the branch, so it is becoming more and more real. The longest our family has lived in any home has been this apartment. When I went home to pick up Gini and Owen at the end of January, we went to church in Salt Lake and heard a couple introduce themselves. They had been on the Romney campaign for the past 16 months and moved around swing states, staying for 3 - 6 weeks. Yikes. At least we aren't like them.

While it is still up in the air where we be going next, and when we will be going we know that we will be moving back to North America by April 29th, hopefully sometime before then. Until then, we are going to be enjoying whatever time we have left here in Sweden.

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